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10 Event highlights

10 Event highlights you should not miss in the Alpine Region Tegernsee Schliersee

Down-to-earth celebrations with lederhosen and Dirndl, float high above in a hot air balloon – If you want to experience a colourful variety of events, you are in the right place in the Alpine region Tegernsee Schliersee!

  1. The Montgolfiade is a top event at the start of the year. Over 50 hot air balloons float over the Tegernsee valley every January. Several thousand visitors follow the spectacle in Bad Wiessee and enjoy the local culinary delicacies on the stands. Those who want to, can reserve a balloon flight and float across the white-blue sky themselves.

  2. Nordic walkers for the Nordic walk across the Bavarian Oberland from Bayrischzell to Schliersee.

  3. The region is also a popular meeting point for triathletes. The Tegernsee valley triathlon takes place in Gmund in July; professionals from all over the world come to the Garmin Alpine triathlon in Schliersee in September.

  4. Pure culture und genuine tradition captivate thousands of visitors every year. The international Oleg Kagan Music Festival in Wildbad Kreuth offers superb classical music at the start of July.

  5. The Old Schliersee day of patronage is among the most beautiful and colourful festivals in the Bavarian Oberland. Pilgrims in festively decorated boats row across the Schliersee in honour of the patron saint, St. Sixtus to the mass in the town at the start of August. The Old Schliersee national costume society gets together with many other historical national custom societies for a colourful parade.

  6. Guests enjoy genuine Bavarian costume and folk dancing, coupled with beer and Bavarian music, at the countless beer and lake festivals in the region. The Hirschbergler make a start at the end of June with the Trachtenwaldfest (outdoor beer festival in Bavarian costume) in Kreuth, followed by the Gebirgsschützen (Bavarian Catholic honorary guards) at the waldfest (outdoor beer festival) at the start of July in Rottach-Ergern.  There are further beer festivals in Rottach-Egern and Gmund from the end of July to mid-August. The lake festivals in Rottach-Egern in July, in Schliersee and in Tegernsee and Bad Wiessee in mid-August promise spectacular fireworks. Bavarian’s only mountain lake festival takes place on the Spitzingsee at the end of August.

  7. Cinema enthusiasts and mountaineers meet at the end of October for the International Mountain Film festival at Lake Tegernsee.

  8. Christkindl markets open their doors at the end of November; the largest is Rottach Advent directly in the spa resort on the lake, the most romantic takes place in Fischbachau’s monastery’s inner courtyard.

  9. The Alpine region Tegernsee Schliersee is also a Mecca for riding enthusiasts. This can be seen, for example, at the Rosstag festival in Rottach-Egern at the end of August. Two hundred horses go through the town with their drivers and riders. The colourful horse and cart parade is accompanied by hearty music.

  10. Around 6th November, horses and people receive a church blessing during processions of carts, horses and riders in numerous towns across the region. You are therefore left in no doubt that there is always something happening in the Tegernsee Schliersee Alpine region!


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