• Zur Ferienregion Tegernsee

About the Alpine Region

Alpine landscape and ancient traditions

At the foot of the Alps, just one hour by car from Bavaria’s state capital, Munich, you can also explore the natural world even without a car or bike. A holiday world that is wonderful for walking waits to be explored and to be marvelled at, or just simply enjoyed.

A hike on the Wallberg or Wendelstein mountains promises joy at the summit with marvellous views. A trip to Spitzingsee, to Valepp or to the romantic Kloo-Ascher valley near Bayrischzell promises walking pleasure without any great exertion beside rippling streams.

Experience nature with all your senses, leave behind the day-to-day grind and find yourself on the meditation route between Bad Aibling and Holzkirchen. Loose yourself on walks through in the idyllic landscape steeped in cultural monuments in stages over three days. We offer nature in its purest form to anyone willing to sit a while. For example, under the ancient lime trees whose size and glory can only be found in Bavarian’s most beautiful lime tree village, Otterfing.

Those who are happy fishing are spoilt for choice. Crystal-clear lakes, such as the Schliersee or Tegernsee, are as popular with anglers as our clear streams and rivers, Leitzach or Mangfall.

The more active holidaymakers can pedal hard in the Tegernsee Schliersee Alpine region and even beyond the borders of the Free State of Bavaria. Several long cycle routes cross our region. There is the Lake Constance-Königssee cycle route or the Via Bavarica Tyrolensis that can be tackled in stages over several days.

Families will find their perfect cycle route in the north of the region with its flatter terrain, while mountain bikers will prefer to go in the direction of Spitzingsee and Kreuth, where they face a difference in altitude of over 1000 metres on the Erherzog-Johann trail. Whether it’s exercising your calf muscles cycling, casting a line or simply stretching out in the hay, you’ll find your very own dream holiday in the Tegernsee Schliersee Alpine region.


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