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Excursions in the area

It is possible to get to countless places for excursions around the Tegernsee Schliersee Alpine region in a short time: in a matter of 20 minutes you can be in Bad Tölz and Munich and the Chiemsee in an hour.  And the royal palaces of Linderhof und Neuschwanstein are not a world away!

From Munich to Salzburg

A trip to Munich is always worth the effort: you can be at Munich’s main station in just an hour with the BOB (Bayerischen Oberlandbahn) railway. Countless museums, a wealth of historic buildings, the pedestrian area or the Allianz Arena are just a few of the highlights that you can discover in Munich.

It is possible to get to the historic old town of Bad Tölz in just 20 minutes. Stroll through the market alleyways and along the Isar River or make your way to the Leonhardikapelle above the roofs of Bad Tölz.

The royal palaces of Linderhof or Neuschwanstein are also not a world away – even if you need to plan a whole day. And if you want to stand on the top of Germany’s highest mountain, the Zugspitze above Garmisch-Partenkirchen, you will also be there in no time.

You can easily get to the 'Bavarian sea', Lake Chiemsee with its two enchanting islands, via the A8 motorway. And from here, it is also not that far to Salzburg, Mozart’s birth place.


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